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Happy Birthday to Little Miss Obsessive

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Don't be grumpy, o.k.? Even if it's sad, and cold, and dark, you are the one to make it shine. The only one. It's all up to you. Always. It's your life and your choice to be happy. No matter what. No matter who. It is. :)

Happy Birthday!

xoxo :)

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Melodie du vent

Вместо того, чтобы дописывать статью, я опять озаботилась вопросом японского никнейма))

Вопрос: что вам больше нравится?
1. Yoona 
4  (28.57%)
2. Yuriko 
2  (14.29%)
3. Yuri 
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4. Sayuri 
5  (35.71%)
5. Nami 
0  (0%)
6. Hikari 
3  (21.43%)
7. свой вариант (в комментарии) 
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Всего проголосовало: 12

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Яичная лихорадка )

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Melodie du vent

Мой результат теста
- Политика и жизнь

Я и политика?! Ахахахахаха :lol:

читать дальше

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Падает, падает ядерный фугас...

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Melodie du vent

06.04.2011 в 18:43
Пишет Masashi:

URL записи

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Learn more about Russia!

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a brand new site to help you survive in the wild wild Russia :D

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IQ-тест на математическую логику - 2

Результат: 96%

Вы умеете отлично концентрировать внимание, уровень развития очень высокий, логическое мышление хорошо развито. Поздравляем! Если вы и делаете ошибки в рассуждениях, то в основном по случайности или от усталости, но не из-за неумения. Тем не менее, помните, что все хорошее всегда можно улучшить - если, конечно, оно вам надо

Время 11:40

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“I used to listen to it all the time when I was little and thinking about grown-up things. I would go to my bedroom window and stare at my reflection in the glass and the trees behind it and just listen to the song for hours. I decided then that when I met someone I thought was as beautiful as the song, I should give it to that person. And I didn’t mean beautiful on the outside. I meant beautiful in all ways.”
— Unknown

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“I love how you hold me. I love how you tell me I’m beautiful. I love how you look at me funny when I say something stupid. I love how you make me happy. I love how you smile when I see you. I love how you laugh when I say something random, or stupid. I love the face you make when I snort when I laugh. I love how you ask me if I’m alright when I cant stop laughing. I love how you make me feel. I love how you tell me I look cute. I love how you like my pajamas. I love how you talk about music for hours. I love how you say sweet things to me. I love how you whisper in my ear when it’s really quiet. I love how you squeeze me so hard when I hug you. I love how I can talk to you for hours about anything, and you listen, and I listen. I love how we call each other as soon as we wake up. I love how you sound when I wake you up. I love how my dog has more sex with you than I do, just kidding. I love how you want to spend every day with me. I love how you squeeze my hand. I love how you rub my back, and kiss my neck. I love how you lay next to me, and tell me that everything’s perfect. I love how everything is perfect. I love how you see the person I really am. I love how you say we are perfect for each other. I love how you make me cry, but not because I’m upset or sad, or you hurt me, but because you made me the happiest person ever. I love how I wake up in the morning for you. I love how I anticipate seeing you. I love how you kiss me. I love how I look at the empty space in my bed, and wish you were filling it. I love how I get nervous when I see you, but feel more comfortable with you than I do with anyone else. I love how my parents love you. I love how you deal with my picky eating habits. I love how you worry about me, and take care of me. I love how you pay for me when we go places. I love how you insist everything will be alright, and make me feel at ease. I love how you keep me warm when I’m cold. I love how you give me weird looks at awkward moments. I love how you stop everything for me. I love how I’m important to you. I love how I make you happy. I love how you make me happy. I love how you make sure I stay in line. I love how I only want to be with you. I love how I only think about you. I love how I stop everything because I get distracted and have to call you. I love how you get jealous. I love how you are when you are with your family. I love being with your family. I love how I can see myself with you forever. I love how we talk about being together forever. I love how you think I have cute feet. I love how you tickle me. I love how you get mad when someone says something to upset me. I love everything about you.”

— Unknown

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